TOKO's Custom Design Fixtures

Higher Productivity at Reasonable Cost for Your Machining Operations

Simple but Useful

Try TOKO's JIGUs, the custom designed Fixtures for machining operations.

TOKO's JIGUs will assist you in the effort to improve productivity, because they are custom designed to the specific combination of your product and machine.

Although TOKO's JIGUs are custom designed, they are inexpensive, because they use simple components only.

Although TOKO's JIGUs consists of simple components only, they are really useful, and your operator will feel that loading and unloading of the workpiece is easy.
 Photo of a set of fixtures

TOKO Knows How to Design Fixtures

TOKO is a company located in Nagoya, the central city of manufacturing industries in Japan.

TOKO's main business is machining of metal parts, and the company's experience in this industory exceeds 50 years. TOKO has been designing JIGUs, the fixtures, for its own operations for long years.

In the main business of metal machining, TOKO has been receiving various customers' demands on materials, product sizes, lot sizes and level of precision.

As a result of continuous efforts to satisfy the variety of demands from customers, TOKO became quite knowledgeable in designing JIGUs.

This is the reason why TOKO knows how to design JIGUs, the Fixtures, that efficeintly works in operations at reasonable cost.

TOKO also supplies Simple Inspection Device, that will help inspection job on machined parts.
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